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Welcome to Dun Yong. Over 50 years ago, the founder of our business Tang Yong Sau, started to supply chinese ship men with authentic chinese food, which was new and unseen at that time in Holland. Nowadays we teach the  dutch local people to cook the same authenthic food in the workshops we organize in our beautiful cooking studio on the second floor of Dun Yong.

The workshops comprise almost any Asian kitchen you can imagine, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Japanese and Korean. We work with a group of chef’s who are passionate about the food they cook and are ready to teach you the Asian way of cooking. With clear, authentic recipes and advice they will open the way to the secrets of Asian cooking. Every 3 months we present a schedule with all the different workshops. When you wish to participate, you can subscribe by yourself or with multiple people. Booking a private workshop on a date which is suitable for you, is possible from 8 persons up. Do you like to learn more about Asian food, ingredients and cooking techniques combined with fun and genuine information, subscribe and experience our workshops at the unique location of Dun Yong Cooking Studio in the heart of Amsterdam!