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(English) Thai Cooking Classics II (1 seat)
augustus 27, 2017

Everybody can name a typical Thai dish that he loves and craves for now and then. Dishes like Pad Thai, Papaya Salad and Red Curry. We call them classics and bundled them in our Thai Classic workshops.

(English) Private Booking
augustus 31, 2017


(English) China Classics (3 seats)
september 3, 2017

Learn all about using and maintaining the wok and stir-fry like a pro!

(English) Vegetarian Cooking Throughout Asia
september 7, 2017

Vegetarian food is not dull! It can be exciting and tasty as any other dish, come and eat no meat and be surprised!

(English) Thai Cooking Classics (Full)
september 10, 2017

Thailand, een land met een heerlijk klimaat, vriendelijke mensen en geweldig eten, terecht het land van de glimlach!

(English) Indian Cooking Vegetarian
september 11, 2017

The use of spices and many different healthy nutritious ingredients make the Indian cuisine great for vegetarian cooking.