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Cha-om Omelette [ไข่เจียวชอม]

Cha-om has a smell similar to Petai and is used widely in Thai, Laos and Burmese cuisines.

Wax Gourd Pork Ribs Soup [排骨冬瓜湯]

Another easy Cantonese soup. This time it’s a recipe with wax gourd, also called winter melon.

Watercress Soup [西洋菜湯]

This soup is quite often made with pork ribs, but it is just as delicious on its own.

Beef in Oyster Sauce [蠔油炒牛肉]

Simple and delicious. Do use the best quality oyster sauce for this dish to bring out the flavour of the beef.

Gyudon [牛丼]

Gyudon is a japanese dish of boiled beef and onions served over plain boiled rice. Simple yet fulfilling.

Spicy Squid Salad [ยำพล่าหมึก]

A refreshing and spicy salad that is ready in minutes, simple and delicious!