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Zaru Soba [笊蕎麦]

Chilled Japanese buckwheat soba noodles. Another dish from Japan to cool off the body on a hot summer day. Healthy buckwheat noodles dipped in a light dipping sauce.

Hiyashi Chuka [冷やし中華]

This noodle salad is a very popular dish in Japan in the summer. It is made with chinese noodles and toppings of your choice.

Kimchi Pancakes [김치전]

Spicey Korean pancakes that can be used as a side dish. Add your own touch to the recipe and make your own original kimchi pancake.

Cantonese Style Steamed Fish [港式清蒸魚]

Steamed fish is one of the best ways to enjoy fresh fish. When steamed, the fish will retain most of it’s juices and you can taste the full flavour of the fish.

Thai Red Curry Paste [แกงเผ็ด]

With this recipe you will no longer have to buy the potted curry paste anymore. Good for up to a week in the refrigerator. But only for the die-hards, because the rest of us will just keep buying that convenient little pot.

Yasai Tempura [野菜天ぷら]

Yasai Tempura, crispy golden yellow Japanese style deep-fried vegetables. A perfect light side dish to go with your main course.