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Asian Street Food (Full)

Recipes for this workshop:

  • Vietnamese lemongrass Pork Satay
  • Chinese 5-spice Chicken wings
  • Thai Squid and Green Mango Salad
  • Dessert

When you’re traveling in Asia, eating food from street vendors is the best way to get an idea of the day to day life of the local people. The type of food one can buy varies enormously, from salads, satays, grilled chicken, bowls of noodles, to all types of sweets and desserts. But it’s a street vendors mission to specialize in a limited amount of dishes and to be very best one selling it. There is one thing one can be sure of eating this food, it tastes great and it will make you want to eat more of it!

Here in the west, these street food dishes are excellent to be served at to impress friends and family during parties, picknicks, or just for a treat.

The Chef:
Chuekam “Joy of Food” loves food and food loves Chuekam! Born from a Chinese chef as father, passion for food was brought to her from early age. She spend most of her Saturday’s on food markets looking for fresh produce and for special ingredients in all types of foodstores. Chue kam’s interest and skills in Asian cooking is however immense, resulting that she is working with us on different types of workshops, varying from Chinese kitchen to Thai to Vietnamese Cuisine.

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