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Dim Sum (Full)


  • Siu Mai
  • Three Treasure Eggplant
  • Peking Duck Bun
  • Ma Lai Ko

Dim Sum (点心 diǎnxīn), commonly translated as “touched the heart” is a light meal eaten from morning to early afternoon with a refreshing pot of Chinese tea. In fact, in Hong Kong (香港) and Guangzhou (广州), going out for dim sum is called “yum cha”, literally “drinking tea”. The snack-sized treats served at Chinese restaurants are actually quite similar to hors d’oeuvres served in a French restaurant. If you have ever been to a Chinese restuaurant for dim sum, you know that are a wide variety of dim sum available such as dumplings, spring rolls and Chinese steamed bread.

Part of the workshop is a private tour through the Asian supermarket, you get to ask questions which are still unanswered and receive some last secret tips!

The Chef:
Chuekam “Joy of Food” loves food and food loves Chuekam! Born from a Chinese chef as father, passion for food was brought to her from early age. She spend most of her saturday’s on food market’s looking for fresh produce and special ingredients. She bundled her knowledge and passion into workshops which are filled with great learning and fun experience. Besides Dim Sum Chuekam hosts different types of workshops for Dun Yong Cooking Studio.

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