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Indonesian Cooking (Full)


  • Nasi Goreng 
  • Semur Terong Indonesian Braised Eggplant
  • Babi Assem Pedis Spice Pork in Tamarind Sauce
  • Ayam Pangang Sulawesi Lemon Basil Chicken
  • Kerrie Telor Curry Eggs
  • Sambal Goreng Tempeh Kering Sweet Sour Spicy Tempeh

Indonesian food has great flavors, dishes can be fiercely hot, but can be mild and sweet as well. A homemade Indonesian meal made with love, is irresistible and leaves everybody with happy full belly.

We are proud to present this balanced menu with meat, vegetables and vegetarian dishes, with spicy, sweet and sour flavours. This dinner is best to be seen as a real “rice table”. A table full with main and side dishes, something for everybody to enjoy.

The workshop will end with a guided tour through the Asian supermarket during which ingredients will be shown and explained.

The Chef:
Chuekam “Joy of Food” loves food and food loves Chuekam! Born from a Chinese chef as father, passion for food was brought to her from early age. She spend most of her Saturdays on food market’s looking for fresh produce and for special ingredients in all types of food stores. She bundled her knowledge and passion into 2 workshops which are filled with great learning and fun experience. Chuekam hosts different types of workshops for Dun Yong Cooking Studio varying from Indonesian Kitchen, Sichuan Cooking and Dim Sum.

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