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Japanese Homestyle Cooking (Full)


  • Tonkatsu “new style”
  • Agedashi Tofu
  • Yaki Soba
  • Wakame Enoki Salad
  • Chawan Mushi

When we talk about Japanese Cooking, we think of sushi first. But even though most of the people love sushi, it isn’t part of daily menu. At home people eat different styles of dishes prepared from a choice of ingredients influenced by season, geographical position and health benefits.  In this workshop you will prepare some of these authenthic Japanese recipes. We’ve set together a family style dinner with recipes typical for Japanese cuisine, dishes which give us an insight in the food culture of Japan.

The chef

Unobento was interested in cooking and food from very young age. Preparing food for people to enjoy has always been her passion. In the workshops at Dun Yong Cooking studio she presents authenthic Japanese recipes which are prepared the way Japanese people love them. Learn about real Japanese food and its special ingredients with Uno. This workshop is conducted in English.

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