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Korean Cooking (Full)


  • Spicy Crisp Chicken
  • Steamed Egg Pot
  • Kimbap
  • Spinach Banchan
  • Miso Poached Pear

The food culture of Korea is influenced by it’s geographic location, between China and Japan. It’s climate consists of hot humid summers and freezing cold winters. Ingredients most commonly used are sesame oil, red pepper paste (gojuchang), fermented bean paste (Doenjang), red pepper flakes, garlic and soy sauce. As a result, Korean cuisine is intensely flavored, savory and bold. A common Korean meal normally exists of small dishes called Banchan (most well known is kimchi), rice and meat dishes, like bulgogi.

Here in Holland, Korean food is one the less well known cuisines of Asia, whereas in other parts of the world, kimchi and bulgogi dishes have widely been praised and enjoyed. We like to invite you to join this workshop and discover the flavors of Korea.

The menu we’ve set up will give you a clear image of what Korean food is like, sweet, savory and spicy. The flavors are hard to resist and make you long for more. Join and become a Korean food lover!  This workshop will end with a “Toko Tour”. During this guided tour in our supermarket we introduce ingredients used and tell about alternatives.


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