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Sichuan Cooking


  • Gon Bao Chicken
  • Liang Ban Tofu w Thousand Year Preserved Duck Egg
  • Stir Fried Shredded Beef
  • Crispy Fried Long Bean
  • Fish Fragrant Eggplant

Sichuan province has one of China’s most popular regional cuisines. It’s known for its elaborate use of chilli’s and peppers. The chilli’s create spiciness and the Sichuan pepper creates numbness of the mouth, it is an addictive combination. But besides hot, Sichuan food is especially fragrant. Who has tasted these flavors once will for sure come back for more!

In this Sichuan workshop we introduce some classic recipes. The 5 recipes together will make a great typical Sichuan meal with variety of meat and vegetables.

The Chef:
Lynn Huang, half Korean and half Vietnamese, grew up in New Zealand where she learned about all the different food cultures of Asia. She followed education in hospitality services, but food and cooking were her real passions. In the past years she has been cooking dishes from all over Asia and it is her challenge to prepare them as authentic as possible. She has put together 3 different workshops, a Chinese, a Vietnamese and a Korean. Lynn will show you that preparing Asian food is fun, uncomplicated and delicious at the same time!

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