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Thai Cooking Classics (Full)


  • Thai Fish Cake
  • Tom Kah Soup
  • Pad Thai Kung
  • Fresh Green Curry w Chicken

Thai food is light, tantalizing, zesty and spicy. It’s dishes are filled with delicious aroma’s which suits it’s tropical climate. Preparing Thai food means balancing out the 4 flavour senses which are the pillars of this cuisine, namely sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Learn what these flavors are and  how to use them to create authentic tasting dishes.

In this workshop Noi will teach you all about the 4 classic dishes which are on the menu. After this evening you’ll have the confidence to reproduce these dishes at home and treat your friends and relatives with authentic Thai food!

The Chef:

Ratchadawan Pia -Ud is the name of our Thai chef, we call her Noi. She was born in Lampang, North-Thailand. Noi finished her degree in hospitality management at the ROC in Amsterdam. In her mother’s Thai restaurant, she learned all about preparing authentic Thai food. In the workshops she will be hosting a Dun Yong Cooking Studio, she will share this knowledge and passion with you.

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