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Thai Street Food (Full)


  • Miang Kam Thai Appitizers Wrapped in Cha Plu Leaf
  • Nam Prik Ma Klu Jaauw Chilli Eggplant Relish
  • Larb Moe Minced Pork Salad
  • Thai Chicken Sate w Peanut Sauce
  • Khao Niaow Thai Sticky Rice

When you’re traveling in Asia, eating food from street vendors is the best way to get an idea of the day to day life of the local people. The type of food one can buy varies enormously, from salads, satays, grilled chicken, bowls of noodles, to all types of sweets and desserts. But it’s a street vendors mission to specialize in a limited amount of dishes and to be the very best one selling it. There is one thing one can be sure of eating this food, it tastes great and it will make you want to eat more of it!

Here in the west, these street food dishes are excellent to be served to impress friends and family during parties, picknicks, or just for a treat.

The Chef:
Ratchadawan Pia -Ud is the name of our Thai chef, we call her Noi. She was born in Lampang, North-Thailand. Noi finished her degree in hospitality management at the ROC in Amsterdam. In her mother’s Thai restaurant, she learned all about preparing authentic Thai food. In the workshops she will be hosting a Dun Yong Cooking Studio, she will share this knowledge and passion with you.

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