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Vegetarian Cooking Throughout Asia (1 seat)


  • Chinese Eggplant Miso Stir Fry
  • Buddha Delight 10 Treasure Dish
  • Tofu Satay w Peanut Sauce
  • Fresh Soy Milk
  • To Fa Tofu dessert

In Asia we use many ingredients in a versatile way. Vegetables like soybean, tapioca and mushrooms have many different ways of preparation and uses. They are made into products with different shapes, texture and flavours, often quite amazing.  All these different ingredients with different cooking method result in exciting tasty vegetarian dishes.

The Chef
Lynn Huang, half Korean and half Vietnamese, grew up in New Zealand where she learned about all the different food cultures of Asia. She followed education in hospitality services, but food and cooking were her real passions. In the past years she has been cooking dishes from all over Asia and it is her challenge to prepare them as authentic as possible. She has put together 3 different workshops, a Chinese, a Vietnamese and a Korean. Lynn will show you that preparing Asian food is fun, uncomplicated and delicious at the same time!.

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