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Vietnamese Cooking (Full)


  • Bánh Bột Lọc Huế Crystal Shrimp Dumpling
  • Hanoi Style Bun Cha Rice Vermicelli Salad w Pork
  • Ban Da Lon Pandan flavored Rice Cake

Vietnamese food is considered one of the healthiest cuisine in the world. It uses lots of fresh herbs, vegetables and a selection of mild spices. With Vietnamese products now widely available in good Asian grocery stores it has become more easy to make these delicious, fresh-tasting dishes at home.

This Vietnamese dinner is a well chosen combination of the dishes, light , tasty and healthy. Whether you are familiar with Vietnamese food already or not, after this workshop you’ll love it! A tour through the Asian supermarket will follow after the workshop. It is the ultimate chance for the last useful inside information on the ingredients used this evening.

The Chef

Lynn Huang, half Korean and half Vietnamese, grew up in New Zealand where she learned about all the different food cultures of Asia. She followed education in hospitality services, but food and cooking were her real passions. In the past years she has been cooking dishes from all over Asia and it is her challenge to prepare them as authenthic as possible. She has put together 3 different workshops, a Chinese, a Vietnamese and a Korean. Lynn will show you that preparing Asian food is fun, uncomplicated and delicious at the same time! This workshop is conducted in English.

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